Reverse Osmosis Systems

Recently, First Class installed a whole house reverse osmosis (RO) system in a residential home. These systems force water, under pressure, into a series of filters that clean your water. These filters remove chlorine, contaminants, and any residual taste and odor from your water.

After the treated water has gone through this process, it is held in a large storage tank until it is called for throughout the house.

Whole house RO systems are a great way to treat water coming into your entire house, but if you are only looking to treat small amounts of water, then point-of-use RO systems are the way to go. They only affect small amounts of water where the access point is, such as your kitchen faucet or your bathroom sink. Most consumers prefer to have these smaller systems only in the most popular areas of the home, where the water readily is called from. They are great for treating water that you use for cooking and drinking.
Of course, both systems need regular maintenance and the filters will need to be changed on a regular basis in order to function properly. First Class Mechanical would be happy to assist in the installation and maintenance of both types of reverse osmosis systems in your home. Call 410-876-9283 for your free estimate today!
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