Water Treatment and Conditioning

Fresh, clean and pure water is vital for life. It is necessary that you get clean and good-quality water supply for the health and overall well-being of your family. If you are getting contaminated, acidic or hard water supply, you need professional water treatment and conditioning services throughout Central Maryland, including Carroll County, Howard County, Baltimore County, Frederick County, and Baltimore.

FREE Drinking Water Testing

Water Treatment Installations Done by First Class Mechanical

First Class Mechanical will provide FREE water testing to check your drinking water for contaminants in order to be able to recommend the proper solutions to keep your drinking water clean and safe

Improve Your Water Supply Quality with First Class Mechanical

First Class Mechanical is your first choice when it comes to high-quality water treatment services Westminster, MD. With our extensive experience in providing superior water quality treatment services, we ensure that you get a fresh and clean supply of water. We help filter out bacteria, different solids and other kinds of contaminations to restore the flavor, cleanliness, and quality of your water supply.

Dependable, Customized & High-quality Water Treatment Services

If you are experiencing problems like the bad flavor, unclear or contaminated water supply at your premises, you need professional, reliable and high-quality water treatment services. We have extensive experience in providing superior-quality water treatment services. Our expert team is dedicated to fixing your water issues with professionalism and transparency.

There are a variety of water treatment options available, and we help you decide which treatment best suits your needs. We recognize that every water problem is unique and one solution does not fit all kinds of issues. As an experienced water treatment services provider in Westminster, MD, we understand that you need a customized solution for your water problems. Our company provides customized and dependable water treatment services which are tailored to your specific requirements.

Kinds of Water Quality Problems

There can be different kinds of water quality issues which can be harmful to your premises as well as your health. Some common problems include the following:

Hard Water:It is water that has rich mineral content, such as calcium, magnesium carbonate, manganese, iron, aluminum, and sediments. It may also carry harmful bacteria. Some signs of hard water include:

  • Bad taste or odor
  • Strange stains and greases in your bathroom or kitchen
  • Excess soap scum
  • Shower problems
  • Clogged pipes
  • Skin Irritations
  • Appliance malfunction

Acidic Water: It is a kind of water that has a lower pH value. Although it’s not harmful to your health, it is corrosive and can damage your house. Some common indications of acidic water include:

  • Blue-green stains in your bathroom fixtures
  • Rust stains on iron pipes, sinks, and fixtures, etc.
  • Pinhole leaks
  • Low water pressure
  • Foul water taste

Different Water Conditioning Treatment Options

First Class Mechanical offers a range of water conditioning and filtration treatment options to improve the quality of water at your premises. The water treatment plan is custom designed based on the water quality test and your fresh water requirements.

  • Acid Neutralizers to remove the acid from your water system. First Class Mechanical recommends the use of water softener along with acid neutralizer to reduce the hardness of water.
  • Water Softeners are used to address hard water issues. We install high-quality and high-efficiency water softener systems for better performance.
  • Sediment filter helps remove sediments from your water supply. It is regularly replaced for optimal functioning.
  • AG filter also removes sediments, but it automatically performs backwashing function which eliminates the need for regular replacement.
  • U/V system helps remove harmful bacteria from your water system. This system is efficient enough to eliminate nearly 99.9% of harmful microorganisms from your water supply, without changing the flavor or color of water.
  • Chemical feed pumps help treat bacteria and odor in your primary water supply system. It requires annual maintenance for optimal functioning.
  • Constant pressure systems work with your water well pump to provide you with reliable and continuous water supply.

Complete Range of Water Softener, Conditioning and Filtration Solutions

Through professional water treatments, we can improve the flavor and quality of your water supply. Moreover, the performance of your plumbing system improves and your fixtures as well as appliances last longer.

If you are experiencing water problems at your place, First Class Mechanical has the right water treatment solution for you. From domestic reverse osmosis units and filter tap water to professional soft water units to clean your water supply, we have you covered for all your water softening, filtration and conditioning needs.

Get in touch with First Class Mechanical today to determine which water treatment best suits your needs!