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Update 8/15

Hi everybody! First off, First Class Mechanical would like to thank those of you who participated in the Carroll’s Best votes. Hopefully, the outcome will be a good one! All of your support for our company is awesome. We love to hear your honest feedback, so always feel free to give us your opinions. We want to make sure our customers are in good hands and are thinking well into the future. Don’t wait too long to fix or install a heating system. Yes, it is still summer however we all know how time flies by and it’s better to be thinking ahead! Call us today for great service and we will work with you to find out and fix and plumbing issues you may have!

Recent Customer Reviews/ Letters

Name- Dr Rob Marvenko

My name is Dr rob marvenko I am a chiropractor.  I have used you guys in the past and continue to call when things go wrong at my home and business.  Thank you for being fair and honest once again.  In todays economy it is even more important to have piece of mind that you are getting what you pay for and not being taken advantage of.  This afternoon 6-28-2012 you went to 37 john street westminster md to give me an estimate.  Someone stole some copper pipe from one of the AC units outside and the unit was not working.  I had called a “friend” that works for another company the day before and he said that his company would take a look and give me a “fair price” to fix it.  I didnt know that they were there the day before and worked up a price.  When i got up this morning i didnt hear from them so I called you guys .  Well after I called an hour went by and I got a call from the other company they said they had a price for me. 847.00 . I felt bad because you guys were on the way I called right away and they said the tec was already there. I called the tec to say that I was sorry that it was handled .  He was very nice said “oh thats fine Im glad its being handled for you”  I said to him well since you are there how much would it be to fix the thing.  He had no idea about the other estimate.  He said 439.00 I couldnt believe it.  He said the most expensive part was the freon that costs 270 dollars the other company was charging me 580 for the same amount of freon.  I am a business owner and I work very hard.  I appreciate a fair and honest business when I see one and unfortunately I dont see very many these days.  Thanks for being one of them.  I really appreciate it.

Thanks again for your honesty and having integrity in your business


Name– Carla Hettinger

Comment– I had a water main break and I had no clue it would be difficult scheduling a plumber. Someone at my work recommended you and when I called I was able to get someone out right away to do an estimate and then fix in a timely manner!


Name- Ralph and Valerie Wood

Comment- Living out in a rural area of the country, we have had water issues in our old farmhouse for many years. Ever since First Class Mechanical was recommended to us, it has been a relief to know that help is literally only a phone call away! We were having water pressure issues and Brad came out immediately troubleshooted and identified the main problem. We set up an appointment for the next workday and he and John Wayne came out and took care of the replacement piping needed, added a filter to the water system, and caught an additional problem with the mineral tank, fixing everything in one appointment. Brad and John Wayne do outstanding work, and we would highly recommend First Class Mechanical to anyone looking for quality work, honest evaluation, and reasonable pricing.


Name- Sandy Hiken & Family

Comment- Just wanted to send you a thanks, to the two of you & your entire company. It was very nice that your company did not bail out on me on the issues that I was having with my water heater. The person that installed the water heater told me after a week of trying to figure out why the water heater was not working, that if I needed anything “to not call him.” Your company could have done the sam but you did not. For that I just wanted to say thanks. I would be more than glad to refer your company to anyone that youwould like me to. It sure was frustrating that no one could figure out what was going on with this water heater. AO Smith was not much help at all. AO Smith made me feel like that they could have not cared at all. Your entire company went way out of the way to try & solve this issue. If you need to use my name for a refernce I have no problem at all with you doing this. Thanks, again to your entire company for a job very well done.


Name -Matt Trivett

Comment– I want to say thanks again for a job well done and for saving the day this past weekend. Our well stopped working Saturday afternoon hours before my wife was entertaining a group of women at our house. First class mechanical saved the day! Your two technicians (I can’t remember their names) arrived about 30 minutes after calling me back and quickly diagnosed the problem as most likely being a break in the well and not the pump itself. Sure enough after pulling the well pump out, the problem was confirmed. They could have easily told me the pump needed replacing as well, but they were honest, polite and very tolerant of our two young kids who were quite curious of the work being done.

They replaced the wiring quickly and installed plastic protectors to prevent it from happening again in the future. The bill was much less than I feared for a Saturday afternoon service call.

You will be getting my business for future needs and I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who asks!
Thanks again.
Matt Trivett



Comment- Kevin, I am writing this to say how pleased my wife and I are with the service that First Class Mechanical provided at our home when our well pump failed. After reviewing your website, I contacted your company on a Sunday night to explain that we had no water. Shortly after speaking with a representative from your company, one of your techs called me to ask if we needed service that evening. It was after 10:00 pm so I decided to wait until the following day to have you work on the problem. Your tech said that he would have someone call me about 8:00 am and set an appointment at 12:00 noon.

When I got home from work at 12:00, Jason was waiting for me. We entered the house and he determined that the pump was working but that we had no water. His inspection and diagnosis of the problem were thorough and professional. After pulling the pump he determined that the impeller was corroded and that the pump needed to be replaced.

Because the tech that had initially contacted me had asked about the well depth, pump size and electrical requirements, Jason had the proper pump on his truck and was able to fix our problem quickly. He quoted me a price before beginning the work and there were no surprises when he completed his invoice.
I am a construction management director for a major developer in the Baltimore area and have the opportunity to work with a multitude of contractors. It is always a pleasure to find one that provides the service they promise when they promise it. I already have passed your name along to several of my friends and colleagues.
Thanks again for your prompt and courteous service.
Bob Elliot


Name- Brad Lawrence
Date of Service- 4/11 & 4/22/11
Customer service courteous & Helpful- yes
Arrived on time- yes
Service rating- 10
Technician neat & Courteous- yes
Estimate before job- no
Estimate before job explanation- We asked first.
Price as expected- What I expected
Technician rating- 10
Would you recommend?- yes
Would you recommend explanation- One of the very few times a have rated any business at a “10″. Your rep. was on time, on budget, professional, a good communicator, and effective. I’ll call again when the need arises. Best wishes for continued success.


Name- Al Wharton
Customer service courteous & Helpful- yes
Arrived on time- yes
Service rating- 10
Technician neat & Courteous- yes
Estimate before job- yes
Price as expected- What I expected
Technician rating- 10
Would you recommend?- yes
Would you recommend explanation- I have already to 2 people

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2 Days Left to Vote!

We just want to remind everyone to vote First Class Mechanical for Carroll’s Best! The voting ends August 12th which means there are only 2 days left to vote. You can go right to the voting ballad by clicking here ! We are so thankful for your support. Don’t forget to vote!

Recent Customer Satisfaction Form

Name: Ann M. Rudolph
Date of service: 7/17/2011
Customer service courteous & helpful:    Yes
Arrived on time: Yes
Arrived on time: Perfect
Service rating: 10
Technician neat & courteous: Yes
Estimate before job: Yes
Price as expected: More than expected
Technician rating: 10
Would you recommend: Yes
Would you recommend: Definitely

We Really appreciate our customer feedback and hearing your responses about our service!

Vote First Class Mechanical for Carroll’s Best!

Good Morning, everyone! It is that time of year for The Carroll County Times Annual Carroll’s Best Contest. Even though this mainly applies to Carroll County Times readers, everyone is welcome to vote and it would be much appreciated too! Click here for the 2011 Carroll’s Best Webpage. Then click “vote here” to fill out the survey online. Voters can submit their surveys up to August 12 and the winners will be selected and revealed on September 25th. For any subjects that you think apply to us, type First Class Mechanical in the box to the right of the category. Thank you to all of our very supportive customers!

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As many of you can obviously tell, this summer has been a brutal one in terms of the scolding heat we’ve had here in Maryland. If you add the high humidity percentage, it’s almost unbearable. Needless to say, most people will be using their A/C from now on. Take today, for example, it is supposed to get up to 102 degrees not to mention feel like 115 degrees. A day like this could be nasty without using air conditioning. For your convenience, you should make sure to check your air quality because you will be needing it to be in good quality when you turn on your A/C. Today would be perfect to check your air quality because it’s safe to say you won’t be getting any cool, natural breezes through your house today. Call First Class Mechanical today to help you out with replacing or installing any A/C parts that may not be working to keep your air clean. It is extremely beneficial and essential to make sure the quality of your air is good. Indoor air quality is likely to be even more polluted than outdoor. Hard to believe, right? A possible reason for this could be the air filter. Once it is full, it stops doing its job because it’s unable to filter the air. Don’t let this happen to you, because with the heat coming up you will want a working, clean A/C System! Don’t go another day without checking your air quality. Remember to call First Class to install your A/C systems!